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Edmonton Signage provides personalized service at an affordable price. Our signs provide quality advertising for all types of businesses and organizations.


Our designers are the best in the outdoor printing industry

Fast Service

Once the design is approved we can have the sign ready within 3 days or less


We provide competitive pricing.


We have been in the outdoor sign industry for over 15 years

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Who We Are?

Serving the greater Edmonton area and beyond, Edmonton Signage is known for our quality materials and finishing, excellent customer service, and timely attentiveness to your unique needs and timelines. We take great delight in helping you select and develop the perfect sign to meet your needs every time. Our expertise allows us to offer specialized service, optimizing your investment for a wide variety of business purposes and locations.

Catch the eye of your customers with outdoor or indoor banners! With the help of Edmonton Signage, no matter what your location or building, you’ll be visible and easy to find. Raise your walk-in-traffic while promoting your brand with bold statement banners or signs.

Take advantage of prime street-space with a sandwich board or one of our other portable signs! We can help you catch the attention of pedestrians and vehicle traffic alike with portable signs positioned at eye level or freestanding from your location.

Be the go-to destination at the conference, fair, or expo with a selection of our standing portable signs and banners! You’ve invested in space, so let Edmonton Signage help you make the most of that investment with portable signs designed to get you the attention you deserve. A variety of portable signs are available depending on the layout of your space, the preference and capacity of your staff to set up signage or hang banners, and the integrity of your brand. Edmonton Signage aims to please, with careful consideration and consultation available to help you succeed in getting the perfect portable signs for your venture.

Build your visibility with storefront or in-window banners or signs elevating your business brand or an exciting new promotion! Make the most of your sales with banners, sandwich boards, and more! You have a great product or service at a great price; We can help you make sure everyone else knows. Use portable signs and banners to make the most of your revenue-earning potential by informing, engaging, and drawing in customers.

Whether you need tasteful elegance, a bold message, or colorful attraction, We can meet your needs with fixed and portable signs such as standing or hanging banners, sandwich boards, and posters. Our sturdy materials are chosen to look great based on their design, whether they’re braving the extremities of our lovely Edmonton-area climate or traversing the globe from one exhibition to the next. Let our experienced professionals guide you through the process of selecting the perfect design and format for your needs, to meet your deadlines.

Advertising Statistics


  • Percentage of people who shop on their way home from work 72% 72%
  • Percentage of people who make their shopping decisions while in the car 68% 68%
  • Percentage of people who decide to stop at the store while on their way home 38% 38%
  • Percentage of people who say they were motivated to visit a particular store that day because of an outdoor ad 24% 24%
  • Drop in visits from a outdoor ad they saw within a week. 32% 32%
  • Percentage of people who reported to receive directional information from a sign 50% 50%
  • Percentage of immediate visits from an outdoor sign 24% 24%