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Edmonton Portable Signs FAQ’s

Can I buy a portable sign?
No, We are strictly a rental company. As a rental provider we ensure your sign is compliant to all regulations, we assume responsibility for maintenaince vandelism or damages caused by the elements. Another advantage of renting is building a relationship with advertising professionals who want to see your business succeed.
What are the dimensions of a portable sign?
We have 2 different types of portable signs.



Large: 9.5′ x 5′
Small: 4′ x 4′

Can my art department design the sign?
Yes, We have an art department that specializes in signage. However we can work with your art department and give them our specifications for a print ready file.
Do I need a permit?

Most jurisdictions require a permit for portable signs. One of the services we provide is obtaining permits for you at no extra cost.



Where can I place a sign?
Most industrial and commercial zones allow signage, however some may have restrictions. Generally in order to get a permit you must own the land or have permission from the land owner or property manager to place a sign.


Only registered non profit organizations are allowed to advertise on city boulevards.

Off site advertising is permitted but you have to send us a letter from the land owner approving the placement of your sign. We do not provide this service.

Who provides the Graphics?

Our art department provides imagery for your sign. If you prefer to provide your own photographs we can use them in the design provided they are in a high quality resolution.

Can we use our logo?

Yes, We actually highly recommend you provide us with your logo. One of the benefits of full color printing is that its completely customized to your brand.