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On-Site Promotion

On-Site Promotion

Contractors working at multiple locations may not benefit from traditional displays. They don’t depend on the kind of foot traffic that retail establishments do but have just as much need to bring in new customers.

Portable custom displays can be taken to a site and set up in minutes. As potential customers drive or walk by, they see the company name and contact information as well as a tangible example of the quality of their services. Without the sign, people might appreciate the work being done but aren’t going to stop to ask who the company is.

Onsite custom displays should be designed to catch the attention of passing customers. An area such as a residential subdivision which will see mostly foot traffic or slow automobile traffic would benefit from a smaller sign while a site which gets higher speed traffic would need to be larger to be noticed in the short time motorists see it.

Trade Show Help

Trade shows are tremendous promotional opportunities, but companies need a way to reinforce their message among many competing presenters. This is complicated by the fact that trade booths vary from show to show. It can be difficult to create a display which will fit any venue.

Large visual displays are an important part of trade show promotions, but should be supplemented with smaller custom displays. The smaller displays can be set up with more flexibility. As presenters see how the foot traffic is moving, mobile signs can be relocated to catch the attention of the bulk of show attendees. Custom displays give the flexibility to adjust the presentation to any venue regardless of size, shape or traffic pattern.

Sidewalk Signs Bring In Customers

Attracting customers in shopping centers can be complicated. As people walk past the stores, their attention is focused straight ahead while the store signs are to the side. A customer looking for your store can find you, but it makes it harder to entice new customers into your business.

Many retail centers have rules preventing permanent signs that stick out from the store, but will accept temporary sidewalk signs. These signs are set up to be in direct view of the foot traffic. Passing customers are far more likely to notice custom displays directly in front of them than signs out of their direct vision.

These signs, particularly when integrated to complement the decor of the establishment, are powerful promotional tools which greatly increase the number of spontaneous visits by customers.

Portable custom displays can be used in many creative ways to give businesses new opportunities for advertisement.
Portable Signs – The Underdog of Advertising Tools

Before the internet age, portable signs were the primary form of advertising used. Founders of some of the largest merchant chains in America built their clientele by using portable signs and word of mouth. With the huge popularity of the internet, signage has become obsolete. Portable, easy to store and mount; signage is a powerful form of advertising that can bring a lot of traffic to your store’s doorstep.

There are a variety of portable signs available on the market today, but the most cost effective of which are signs that can be changed. For example, a “Do Not Trespass” sign is fairly limiting unless your store is already filled to maximum capacity with wallet-happy customers. It is much more affordable in the long run to be able to change that “Do Not Trespass” sign to “50% Off Sale,” or any other advertising blurb, whenever you wish.

How many times has a store’s advertising signage lured you in when you were driving through town? When someone goes online to shop, they are expecting to be hammered with advertising. Portable signage gives you an advantage over internet advertising because you can sell your goods or services to the public when they’re least expecting it. The result is that they are more receptive. It’s easy to see why portable signs are a favorite amongst retailers and fast food restaurants. They are extremely cost effective and attract local business. Storage is of little concern and changing the day’s advertisement is a snap. This tool is a definite “must” in your advertising arsenal.

The Components Of A Real Estate Sign

The Components Of A Real Estate Sign

Posting advertising signs can be one of the most efficient ways of marketing real estate properties. There are a lot of companies which offer sign installation services as well as designing or making layouts for real estate signs, banners, portable signs. However, it would still be best if you know for yourself what makes a good real estate sign, banner, portable sign. Listed below are the most important factors to consider in creating a real estate sign that would surely be an effective advertising method.

Color Combination

One of the most important factors to consider when designing a sign is the combination of colors that will be on the sign. To draw the attention of people to your sign, you would need to pick colors that blend well. Select colors that are engaging and avoid dull ones.

If you already have flyers, a useful technique would be to make the colors of your real estate signs, banners, portable signs similar to those of your other printed advertising materials. By doing this, you are increasing brand awareness by establishing a consistent look and feel for your services.

To find a good selection of color combinations visit https://coolors.co/


In making a real estate sign, banner, portable sign, use font styles that look professional and font sizes that are big enough to allow people to scan it even from afar. Aside from that, it is also advisable to use bold block letters.

Significant parts of the advertising message should be emphasized through the use of bigger fonts that are in bold. The key message should be readable, and contact numbers or other info should also be given emphasis.


Others might do away with this, but borders can also be an important component of real estate sign, banner, portable sign. Not only do borders give additional appeal when it comes to the overall appearance of your sign, but it can also be an effective way to draw the attention of people towards your message or most important part of your advertisement.


Adding images does not only add creativity to your sign, but it can also make people remember your real estate sign or brand. Include professional-looking images or your logo to make your sign more efficient in drawing people’s attention and to enhance brand recognition every time they see signs of the same image or logo. Remember to use high-resolution images to engage people in viewing your sign.

Sign Frames

As much as the appearance of the sign itself is important, the quality of the material used should be considered as well. Make sure that the real estate sign, banner, portable sign is sturdy enough to last even for a significant period of time. It is recommended to use a high-quality metal sign frame where you can also add a box containing your brochures or flyers.

Concept of Design and Content

Create your brand by making an original design and advertising message that people will remember. Keep it simple but unique to ensure that people will be able to differentiate yours from other real estate signs, banners, portable signs that have almost similar layouts and content.

Put some thought into the advertising message that you will put on your sign. Make sure that it is persuasive and that you will be able to communicate your message in a concise manner. Moreover, you can also be creative and present your message in a witty kind of way.

With these factors in mind, you will surely be able to determine how you would need to have your real estate signs designed. The bottom line in creating an effective real estate sign, banner, portable sign is that it needs to look simple and at the same time, as eye-catching as possible. Design it in such a way that the appearance and the content will persuade people to buy your real estate property.

Small Business Guide To Increase Your Profits

Small Business Guide To Increase Your Profits

Running a small business is no easy task. Your small fish in the big pond of small business marketing in your industry. But that doesn’t mean that you have no hope in sight, you just need to add some creative techniques and a lot of business savvy prowess.

Putting together this small business guide to increase your profits is going to allow you to get started on both of those. Giving you direction, some methods, and some techniques to increase profit for your small business. Besides of course needing to offer a service or a product that is desirable, you need to be able to get the word out to enhance your small business sales.

Be Creative. Be Bold.

You have to take chances in business, and you have to take risks in order to gain the competitive edge you need. You need to throw your best ideas out into the world, to see if they are effective or if you need to move on to the next venture.

This applies strongly to your advertisements. How you present them, where you display them, and what you put on them. The power of creative advertisements can make the difference on whether you are able to get ahead of the competition.

Take it from one of the most legendary admen of all time, DDB Worldwide co-founder Bill Bernbach who said: “Rules are what the artist breaks; the memorable never emerged from a formula”.

Now Mr. Bernbach founded a global advertising agency. Served some of the biggest names in particular industries. The fact that you run a business on a smaller scale does not change the fact that you can create your own personal formula to bring your business to the next level increasing your small business profits, and becoming an industry leader.

Take charge of your advertisements, and utilize non-digital forms like a portable custom sign or create memorable wall graphics to always be advertising—even when your customers are already in your store!

Think outside the box, and apply what you want on them to gain the attention of your target consumer.

Drive Your Customers In

Take advantage of the fact that so many of us are on the road every day. Strategically placing a sign for advertising can make a difference on how you increase your small business profits. Putting a portable sign anywhere just because, it’s not good marketing—and it isn’t going to be effective.

Think of a place near your establishment that is going to get in the line of eye-sight from the massive population. Placing your creative and attention drawing sign in locations like this increases the chances that those drivers are going to remember your advertisement. They may even pass it more than one time a day, or they may pass it every day on their way to work. The repeated view will always keep your ad in their mind.

But to maintain success at this, you have to…

Stay Fresh!

Keeping your advertisement(s) fresh, new, and current is crucial in today’s market. If someone begins to see your advertisement over and over again, and it just isn’t striking any chords. They are going to have a bad taste left in their mouth when they think of your place of business.

Stay on top of your market, your customer base, and be aware of the trends that are happening. Failure to take notice of these areas will make creating fresh and new advertisements a difficult task. But if you can apply a consistently had worked ethic to promoting your business properly through physical advertisements. You can start to make money with your small business in no time.

Just remember,

Be Creative

Go Outside Of The Box

Study Your Market

Dream Big

And success is going to start to come your way. The only thing that you need to do now is to get your plans in motion—and begin to come up with some incredibly creative custom signs!

Digital vs Print Advertising

Digital vs Print Advertising

Advertising methods are always changing.

Businesses are attempting to get ahead of the curb in every aspect of the marketing world, with two medium options to choose from. The traditional print Advertising, and the massively over-stuffed digital advertising.

Let’s take a look at both of these methods of advertising, to see which of them is the most effective for your business, and which one surprisingly may not be as great as we believe.

Digital Take-Over?

Online marketing has become an essential part of every viable business in today’s modern world. There is no denying the fact that in order for you to thrive as a business you need a fully operational and optimized website. With our modern society becoming more and more engulfed into the digital way of living—spending the majority of our time and energy on social media platforms and aimless searches has become the norm.

These two habits have created themselves into a new opportunity for us to market our business to our customers. Terms like SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing have become staples of these advantageous digital advertising methods.

But is it effect? And more importantly is it—cost effective?

To achieve brand awareness, interest, and to use these tools properly you need to have the skillset to do so. With this entirely new division of marketing, the majority of us are forced to do this on the fly. But that more times than not will become un-successful ventures. You really have to know what your doing in the digital spectrum to gain success.

Hiring out a whole team dedicated to designing, writing, and generating fresh content weekly to advertise builds up your total expenses, and to keep it consistent enough to work you have to continue to feed money into it to stay on top.

So you have to ask yourself, “Is it really worth it?”.

To a point yes, having a website or even a mobile-ready site is a necessity. But as far as becoming known in your community, a more traditional approach may still be your best bet and ultimately more cost-effective for your monthly budget.

24/7 Impact of Print Advertising 

So many entrepreneurs are chasing the digital dream today. Making their target audience more difficult than ever to draw attention from. Too many times we get too caught up in what is “trending”, when the answer ultimately lies where it always has.

Traditional Print Advertising.

Never under-estimate the power of physical advertising, especially when you are comparing it to the digital side of marketing. Let me break this down for you, so you can understand it better.

When you are searching through the web aimlessly, or even when you type in keywords to look for a service or product. Where are you usually? Killing time on your smartphone? Surfing the web at home?

Your mind is running, trying to suck in as much information as it can to the point that we become overloaded. Why?

Because we are in a place of comfort. We are in the world of the internet, with nothing to worry about besides where we are going to click or what we are going to type. This is why it is so difficult to grab your audience’s attention online.


Now think about when you are walking down the streets of downtown, or driving your car down the road. Is your brain aimlessly comfortable? No, and you’re not an uncomfortable mess either. Let me explain.

When you’re in the outside world, you are among the general public and your brain naturally adjusts to this. You become more attentive, and focused on your surroundings. This comes out of your natural instinct of how you live in the real world.

When your attention is heightened and your surroundings are refined through your brain more thoroughly—your impacted more often. You see a portable sign for a local sushi bar, or a new stores sign sticks out immediately. Its new—and it intrigues you.

The same goes for driving, your senses are higher and you are attentive to the things happening on the road, are you going to tell me you don’t notice a large portable sign on the side of the road?

Of course you are. We all do, and its why traditional print advertising is so much more effective than the new digital ways of doing things.

Get Your Own Custom Signs

Renting out a big billboard space is expensive, but why do we see see big name brands still using them? Because they know that the best way to maintain brand awareness and to keep their company in the minds of their customers is to have these signs strategically placed throughout the community. You can do this for your business too.

But instead of a big billboard space, choose a more affordable—yet just as effective way of advertising with a portable sign made by a custom sign pro. Skip all the digital steps of hiring out, and make signs that are concise and impactful with your company logo and copywriting.

You can thank us later, for now let a custom portable sign company make your mark in the community a traditional advertising powerhouse.







There are plenty of ridiculously bad advertisements out there today. You turn on the tv, you flip on the radio, or you take a drive down the street. Your bound to be faced with one of the many advertisements out today, and chances are you won’t even realize it.

The modern public citizen of today is so used to being slammed with ads, that we can go an entire day down the freeway and not even recall one of them.

So what does that tell us as business owners who want to place a portable sign or banner advertisements?

Well for one, the daily Canadian traffic is too busy in their own heads they can’t even stop and look for one second. Our minds are constantly jammed pack with racing thinking. That there isn’t much room for most advertisements to register in their memory.

But why?

These advertisements are made solely for that purpose—to get customers attention, and draw them into your store.


Creativity is the lifeblood of advertising; without any creative flow or application your advertisement is going to fall flat on its face. This has played a major role in customers not even batting an eye to a high percentage of advertisements.

So how much of a difference does it make to have effectively creative ads?

Let’s take a quick look, to figure out what makes for creative advertising?

Short, But Powerful


Edmonton advertising

You only have seconds to grab a customer’s attention. They say about 3 seconds to be exact before you have either sucked them in, or lost them in that instant. Talented copywriting will use minimal words, but use ones that can powerfully impact the message of your business. Take the telescope company “Orion” and how they perfected this concept. Images, one word descriptions, and showcases the message that their telescopes can reach farther than any other on the planet while playing a homage to the moon landing.


How Will You Stick Out?

So now you must ask yourself, “How Will I Stick Out?”.

If you own a business than you are automatically a part of this overfilling world of advertising. You need to apply some of the same techniques and practices that these high end companies are using.



I know what your thinking “They have tons of cash” and they use it on incredible advertisements like the ones we showed above. That is true, but the beauty of a great advertisement is that its creative, and the very definition of creative is not bound by anything.

Hiring the right person to write your ad, and working with a advertising sign company that can make you STICK OUT above the rest of your competition, is all you need to achieve this. Surround yourself with people who have the same creative and motivated drive that you have, and big things will happen.

Never under-estimate the power of sign advertising. Just ask yourself what every multi-million-dollar company has in common?

Sign Advertising.

How Will Portable Signs Effect My Business?

How Will Portable Signs Effect My Business?

You may be asking yourself “How Will Portable Signs Effect My Business?”.

Well, before we get into anything let’s take a look at the cold hard facts and numbers of billboards and signs.

The average modern American spends a total of about 20 hours traveling by car.

Study has shown that during this travel time and distance 71% of the vehicles notice advertising messages on billboards.

75% of billboard viewers shop on their way home from work.

39% of adults visited a store that they’ve seen advertised.

Are you catching on yet?

The positive effects of having a sign up that represents your business and your message is high. Citizens are always on the go in the modern world, traveling from one place to the next, giving portable signs and billboards a value that successful businesses just can’t pass up on.

Think about it.

What kind of companies do you see with big signs or billboard advertisements? Mcdonalds, T-Mobile, Nike, Apple…the list goes on.

What do these companies have in common? They are multibillion dollar industry giants and already established brands.

Why would do they continue to purchase this big and extravagant signs?

Because as the numbers have shown, billboards and portable signs give you and your company—mass exposure. Its effective even after a brand is as well known as these companies are. We are going to take a look at how, and why.

Coverage Like No Other Media Source

There are so many drivers on the road every single day. People are going to stores, heading to work, traveling, going to a friends, seeing family, going out for entertainment, or coming home from work. You have to take the road to get anywhere, so think about that.

We may have a radio ad play over our speakers, but everyone knows that as soon as the song your listening to stops playing you change the station.

When we sit at home watching television, everyone knows that “commercial” breaks are the best time to get up and kill about 5 minutes, or in todays world we go down to our phones, ignoring the TV until our show returns.

With a sign you can’t help but look at at it. With a portable sign hat may be placed a little lower to the ground for you, it pops out immediately. They don’t go anywhere. If they are a good advertisement and done properly. They stick in your mind, they excite you, and more times than not you act on that feeling it gives you.

Psychology Behind Effective Sign Advertisements

You may not even know how effective that sign has become. When we see these images our mind recognizes them and it becomes a part of our memory.

Let’s say that you are putting up a portable sign advertisement for your automotive care services, and want to promote a special you are having on oil changes.

If you use an incredible custom sign company to make your businesses portable sign and place it strategically out side of your business. A passerby will look, see your advertisement, read that advertisement, and if its done correctly will think

“I haven’t had my oil changed in months!” and “That’s a really good deal, I need to get my oil changed…”

Maybe that person doesn’t pull off the road right away, they might have prior arrangements to get to. But that will be in their mind for the rest of the day. They may even forget it for a moment, but the brain works to remember everything that it sees, feels, and interacts with.

That includes seeing a sign, and now that potential customer will walk back out to their car at the end of the day and just by seeing their car the thought will pop back in their head.

“Oh yeah, I need to get my oil changed. That place is having a special…I better go stop by on my way home”.

Your brain remembers, it causes stress or a “pain point” to re-emerge. Once that happens than the brain goes automatically into fix it mode, and you drive to the automotive service shop, and get your oil changed.

This happens daily, with a variety of advertisements for various industries. You can look at this example and apply it to our own business. It works, and there is proven psychology science to back it up.

So how does a portable sign effect your business? It motivates potential leads to come shop your business frequently, and gives you massive coverage like no other media outlet can!

Have other custom signs you want for you business, besides a portable sign?

Hire the most personalized custom sign service at an affordable price for your businesses banners, store signs, window signs, sandwich boards, and much more!