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There are plenty of ridiculously bad advertisements out there today. You turn on the tv, you flip on the radio, or you take a drive down the street. Your bound to be faced with one of the many advertisements out today, and chances are you won’t even realize it.

The modern public citizen of today is so used to being slammed with ads, that we can go an entire day down the freeway and not even recall one of them.

So what does that tell us as business owners who want to place a portable sign or banner advertisements?

Well for one, the daily Canadian traffic is too busy in their own heads they can’t even stop and look for one second. Our minds are constantly jammed pack with racing thinking. That there isn’t much room for most advertisements to register in their memory.

But why?

These advertisements are made solely for that purpose—to get customers attention, and draw them into your store.


Creativity is the lifeblood of advertising; without any creative flow or application your advertisement is going to fall flat on its face. This has played a major role in customers not even batting an eye to a high percentage of advertisements.

So how much of a difference does it make to have effectively creative ads?

Let’s take a quick look, to figure out what makes for creative advertising?

Short, But Powerful


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You only have seconds to grab a customer’s attention. They say about 3 seconds to be exact before you have either sucked them in, or lost them in that instant. Talented copywriting will use minimal words, but use ones that can powerfully impact the message of your business. Take the telescope company “Orion” and how they perfected this concept. Images, one word descriptions, and showcases the message that their telescopes can reach farther than any other on the planet while playing a homage to the moon landing.


How Will You Stick Out?

So now you must ask yourself, “How Will I Stick Out?”.

If you own a business than you are automatically a part of this overfilling world of advertising. You need to apply some of the same techniques and practices that these high end companies are using.



I know what your thinking “They have tons of cash” and they use it on incredible advertisements like the ones we showed above. That is true, but the beauty of a great advertisement is that its creative, and the very definition of creative is not bound by anything.

Hiring the right person to write your ad, and working with a advertising sign company that can make you STICK OUT above the rest of your competition, is all you need to achieve this. Surround yourself with people who have the same creative and motivated drive that you have, and big things will happen.

Never under-estimate the power of sign advertising. Just ask yourself what every multi-million-dollar company has in common?

Sign Advertising.