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You may be asking yourself “How Will Portable Signs Effect My Business?”.

Well, before we get into anything let’s take a look at the cold hard facts and numbers of billboards and signs.

The average modern American spends a total of about 20 hours traveling by car.

Study has shown that during this travel time and distance 71% of the vehicles notice advertising messages on billboards.

75% of billboard viewers shop on their way home from work.

39% of adults visited a store that they’ve seen advertised.

Are you catching on yet?

The positive effects of having a sign up that represents your business and your message is high. Citizens are always on the go in the modern world, traveling from one place to the next, giving portable signs and billboards a value that successful businesses just can’t pass up on.

Think about it.

What kind of companies do you see with big signs or billboard advertisements? Mcdonalds, T-Mobile, Nike, Apple…the list goes on.

What do these companies have in common? They are multibillion dollar industry giants and already established brands.

Why would do they continue to purchase this big and extravagant signs?

Because as the numbers have shown, billboards and portable signs give you and your company—mass exposure. Its effective even after a brand is as well known as these companies are. We are going to take a look at how, and why.

Coverage Like No Other Media Source

There are so many drivers on the road every single day. People are going to stores, heading to work, traveling, going to a friends, seeing family, going out for entertainment, or coming home from work. You have to take the road to get anywhere, so think about that.

We may have a radio ad play over our speakers, but everyone knows that as soon as the song your listening to stops playing you change the station.

When we sit at home watching television, everyone knows that “commercial” breaks are the best time to get up and kill about 5 minutes, or in todays world we go down to our phones, ignoring the TV until our show returns.

With a sign you can’t help but look at at it. With a portable sign hat may be placed a little lower to the ground for you, it pops out immediately. They don’t go anywhere. If they are a good advertisement and done properly. They stick in your mind, they excite you, and more times than not you act on that feeling it gives you.

Psychology Behind Effective Sign Advertisements

You may not even know how effective that sign has become. When we see these images our mind recognizes them and it becomes a part of our memory.

Let’s say that you are putting up a portable sign advertisement for your automotive care services, and want to promote a special you are having on oil changes.

If you use an incredible custom sign company to make your businesses portable sign and place it strategically out side of your business. A passerby will look, see your advertisement, read that advertisement, and if its done correctly will think

“I haven’t had my oil changed in months!” and “That’s a really good deal, I need to get my oil changed…”

Maybe that person doesn’t pull off the road right away, they might have prior arrangements to get to. But that will be in their mind for the rest of the day. They may even forget it for a moment, but the brain works to remember everything that it sees, feels, and interacts with.

That includes seeing a sign, and now that potential customer will walk back out to their car at the end of the day and just by seeing their car the thought will pop back in their head.

“Oh yeah, I need to get my oil changed. That place is having a special…I better go stop by on my way home”.

Your brain remembers, it causes stress or a “pain point” to re-emerge. Once that happens than the brain goes automatically into fix it mode, and you drive to the automotive service shop, and get your oil changed.

This happens daily, with a variety of advertisements for various industries. You can look at this example and apply it to our own business. It works, and there is proven psychology science to back it up.

So how does a portable sign effect your business? It motivates potential leads to come shop your business frequently, and gives you massive coverage like no other media outlet can!

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