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Spruce Grove Portable Signs


If you are a business in the Spruce Grove area, and are looking for the best service for a portable sign. Then your only option is to use the services of Edmonton Signage!

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Spruce Grove Portable Signs

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Why Edmonton Signage?


We provide our portable sign services all over Parkland County, and have been able to enhance the local economy in ways that benefit everyone in the community. Our customized Spruce Grove portable signs have brought growth, profits, and personal advancements for our clients in Spruce Grove, and we will continue that trend with you, today!


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How Edmonton Signage Has Helped Spruce Grove


Community Growth with our portable signs, businesses have been able to grow, consumers are more informed, and more citizens have been attracted to the area.

No Clutter Advertising has made for a clean and organized advertisement arrangement, without the overly cluttered ads you find in metropolitan areas.

Increased Employment with our signs, companies have had the ability to get the word out that they are hiring. And THEY ARE hiring.

Political Assistance helped local politicians in their efforts to running a successful campaign—elected by you!


Small Business Enhanced by using our portable signs in Spruce Grove, small business owners were given the ability to compete with the big name brands—with crowning success.


The Choice Is Clear

As you can see, by integrating signage in Spruce Grove we have been able to help our community thrive. In a way that benefits the whole community.

Be proud of what your bringing to the table, and let us help you generate awareness for your business in Spruce Grove with our Portable Signs, and you can join those who we have already helped succeed.


It’s time to take your advertising to the next level with quality that can match some

of the biggest companies you see around Edmonton!

Spruce Grove Portable Sign Regulations 


Rules and Regulations apply to certain area’s such as Edmonton. But do not worry! We work with you hands on to ensure that all of these policies and rules are abided by—and you get the portable sign you want!


Spruce Grove does have certain regulations and requirements that you need to be aware of before inserting a sign on your property, whether its residential or commercial. But don’t panic!


We got you covered here at Edmonton Signage and will work with you hands on to deal with these, so you don’t even have to worry.


  1. In order to put a sign on all non-residential land in the Spruce Grove district, you must first get a permit.
  1. All residential districts are prohibited from the use of a portable or “temporary” sign on that land.
  2. One Portable sign is allowed for every 90 meters of the street that is closest to the front of your worksite.
  3. No portable sign can share a space with another sign, only one per 90 meters.
  4. Permits for portable signs in Spruce Grove are valid from 30 days to 1 year.
  1. Failure to follow any of the regulations results in a fine of up $50 per sign.


We handle all of these regulations, and work with you to ensure that your permit is submitted, valid for the proper amount of days, and doesn’t cause any infractions of any of the bylaws set down by the Spruce Grove Development Department.


To see the Spruce Grove Sign Regulations Land Use Bylaws Documentation, Click Here

If you want to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page