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Edmonton Portable Signs

If you are looking to get noticed, and for the area of Edmonton to become fully aware of your latest promotion, special, or grand opening—then Edmonton Signage has the what you need with our custom portable signs made specifically to your company and needs.

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When you use Edmonton Portable Signs you are taking your advertising and marketing to a whole new level. We consist of a team of highly skilled designers who can assist you in creating your perfect billboard or sign. You give us your thoughts and ideas and we collaborate those into the sign you have always needed

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How Edmonton Portable Signs Help

Create your own brands identity that is unique to you and only you.

Get the publics attention using proper copy writing and color schemes.

Inject your business into every day lives of passerby’s

Stick out above the rest of your competitors who opt for low quality design and presentation with our high quality and durable signs to last as long as you desire!


It’s time to take your advertising to the next level with quality that can match some

of the biggest companies you see around Edmonton!

Edmonton Portable Signs Regulations 


Rules and Regulations apply to certain area’s such as Edmonton. But do not worry! We work with you hands on to ensure that all of these policies and rules are abided by—and you get the portable sign you want!


  1. No sign can large enough to block obstruct the viewing of vehicles.
  2. The Development Officer of the area has the power to remove any signs he/she sees fit, based on how deuterated or hazardous it may become.
  3. Quality, aesthetic appearance, the finish of the sign must be approved by your Development Area Officer to ensure it matches the quality of the area it will be placed.
  4. No trees or plants can be removed or damaged to make room for signs. Unless new landscaping plans have been initiated to accommodate the loss.
  5. Signs can’t contain any words, pictures, or images that may be offensive to the general public.
  6. All sign displayed in area must be permitted through the city unless mandated by law enforcement.
  7. When a sign cannot be clearly categorized as one of the sign types defined in Edmonton’s Bylaws, then the Development Officer has the power to determine its application.


Still not convinced? Check out some of examples to see how other companies

have used Portable Signs!