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Advertising methods are always changing.

Businesses are attempting to get ahead of the curb in every aspect of the marketing world, with two medium options to choose from. The traditional print Advertising, and the massively over-stuffed digital advertising.

Let’s take a look at both of these methods of advertising, to see which of them is the most effective for your business, and which one surprisingly may not be as great as we believe.

Digital Take-Over?

Online marketing has become an essential part of every viable business in today’s modern world. There is no denying the fact that in order for you to thrive as a business you need a fully operational and optimized website. With our modern society becoming more and more engulfed into the digital way of living—spending the majority of our time and energy on social media platforms and aimless searches has become the norm.

These two habits have created themselves into a new opportunity for us to market our business to our customers. Terms like SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing have become staples of these advantageous digital advertising methods.

But is it effect? And more importantly is it—cost effective?

To achieve brand awareness, interest, and to use these tools properly you need to have the skillset to do so. With this entirely new division of marketing, the majority of us are forced to do this on the fly. But that more times than not will become un-successful ventures. You really have to know what your doing in the digital spectrum to gain success.

Hiring out a whole team dedicated to designing, writing, and generating fresh content weekly to advertise builds up your total expenses, and to keep it consistent enough to work you have to continue to feed money into it to stay on top.

So you have to ask yourself, “Is it really worth it?”.

To a point yes, having a website or even a mobile-ready site is a necessity. But as far as becoming known in your community, a more traditional approach may still be your best bet and ultimately more cost-effective for your monthly budget.

24/7 Impact of Print Advertising 

So many entrepreneurs are chasing the digital dream today. Making their target audience more difficult than ever to draw attention from. Too many times we get too caught up in what is “trending”, when the answer ultimately lies where it always has.

Traditional Print Advertising.

Never under-estimate the power of physical advertising, especially when you are comparing it to the digital side of marketing. Let me break this down for you, so you can understand it better.

When you are searching through the web aimlessly, or even when you type in keywords to look for a service or product. Where are you usually? Killing time on your smartphone? Surfing the web at home?

Your mind is running, trying to suck in as much information as it can to the point that we become overloaded. Why?

Because we are in a place of comfort. We are in the world of the internet, with nothing to worry about besides where we are going to click or what we are going to type. This is why it is so difficult to grab your audience’s attention online.


Now think about when you are walking down the streets of downtown, or driving your car down the road. Is your brain aimlessly comfortable? No, and you’re not an uncomfortable mess either. Let me explain.

When you’re in the outside world, you are among the general public and your brain naturally adjusts to this. You become more attentive, and focused on your surroundings. This comes out of your natural instinct of how you live in the real world.

When your attention is heightened and your surroundings are refined through your brain more thoroughly—your impacted more often. You see a portable sign for a local sushi bar, or a new stores sign sticks out immediately. Its new—and it intrigues you.

The same goes for driving, your senses are higher and you are attentive to the things happening on the road, are you going to tell me you don’t notice a large portable sign on the side of the road?

Of course you are. We all do, and its why traditional print advertising is so much more effective than the new digital ways of doing things.

Get Your Own Custom Signs

Renting out a big billboard space is expensive, but why do we see see big name brands still using them? Because they know that the best way to maintain brand awareness and to keep their company in the minds of their customers is to have these signs strategically placed throughout the community. You can do this for your business too.

But instead of a big billboard space, choose a more affordable—yet just as effective way of advertising with a portable sign made by a custom sign pro. Skip all the digital steps of hiring out, and make signs that are concise and impactful with your company logo and copywriting.

You can thank us later, for now let a custom portable sign company make your mark in the community a traditional advertising powerhouse.