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Contractors working at multiple locations may not benefit from traditional displays. They don’t depend on the kind of foot traffic that retail establishments do but have just as much need to bring in new customers.

Portable custom displays can be taken to a site and set up in minutes. As potential customers drive or walk by, they see the company name and contact information as well as a tangible example of the quality of their services. Without the sign, people might appreciate the work being done but aren’t going to stop to ask who the company is.

Onsite custom displays should be designed to catch the attention of passing customers. An area such as a residential subdivision which will see mostly foot traffic or slow automobile traffic would benefit from a smaller sign while a site which gets higher speed traffic would need to be larger to be noticed in the short time motorists see it.

Trade Show Help

Trade shows are tremendous promotional opportunities, but companies need a way to reinforce their message among many competing presenters. This is complicated by the fact that trade booths vary from show to show. It can be difficult to create a display which will fit any venue.

Large visual displays are an important part of trade show promotions, but should be supplemented with smaller custom displays. The smaller displays can be set up with more flexibility. As presenters see how the foot traffic is moving, mobile signs can be relocated to catch the attention of the bulk of show attendees. Custom displays give the flexibility to adjust the presentation to any venue regardless of size, shape or traffic pattern.

Sidewalk Signs Bring In Customers

Attracting customers in shopping centers can be complicated. As people walk past the stores, their attention is focused straight ahead while the store signs are to the side. A customer looking for your store can find you, but it makes it harder to entice new customers into your business.

Many retail centers have rules preventing permanent signs that stick out from the store, but will accept temporary sidewalk signs. These signs are set up to be in direct view of the foot traffic. Passing customers are far more likely to notice custom displays directly in front of them than signs out of their direct vision.

These signs, particularly when integrated to complement the decor of the establishment, are powerful promotional tools which greatly increase the number of spontaneous visits by customers.

Portable custom displays can be used in many creative ways to give businesses new opportunities for advertisement.
Portable Signs – The Underdog of Advertising Tools

Before the internet age, portable signs were the primary form of advertising used. Founders of some of the largest merchant chains in America built their clientele by using portable signs and word of mouth. With the huge popularity of the internet, signage has become obsolete. Portable, easy to store and mount; signage is a powerful form of advertising that can bring a lot of traffic to your store’s doorstep.

There are a variety of portable signs available on the market today, but the most cost effective of which are signs that can be changed. For example, a “Do Not Trespass” sign is fairly limiting unless your store is already filled to maximum capacity with wallet-happy customers. It is much more affordable in the long run to be able to change that “Do Not Trespass” sign to “50% Off Sale,” or any other advertising blurb, whenever you wish.

How many times has a store’s advertising signage lured you in when you were driving through town? When someone goes online to shop, they are expecting to be hammered with advertising. Portable signage gives you an advantage over internet advertising because you can sell your goods or services to the public when they’re least expecting it. The result is that they are more receptive. It’s easy to see why portable signs are a favorite amongst retailers and fast food restaurants. They are extremely cost effective and attract local business. Storage is of little concern and changing the day’s advertisement is a snap. This tool is a definite “must” in your advertising arsenal.