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Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza restaurant  in Edmonton has been attracting a lot of customers in 350 locations all over Canada. Their menu ranges from different types of mouthwatering pizza, pasta, appetizers, salads, entrée and desserts. They offer a variety of dishes for all types of occasion. The gourmet pizza is made from their very own signature hand pressed dough which makes their pizza a unique popular commodity.

Boston Pizza restaurant is perfect for gathering of friends and families, for couples and for kids. They have a sports bar with a big screen TV, which makes watching your favorite games more enjoyable. The place and the food they serve are perfect for all ages. In their Edmonton branches, the advertising campaign really helped a lot in the success and Edmonton Sign Guru is proud to be part of their thriving business.

Edmonton Sign Guru has been in business for more than 15 years and Boston Pizza Restaurant has been one of our most loyal customers. We have been supplying them their window signs for years. Our window signs are printed with high resolution images and the colors are vivid and well defined. Our professionally trained layout and graphic artists can assist you in your advertising designs and can customize the sizes according to your business needs.

Edmonton Sign Guru is known to have the finest printing materials that do not easily fade or destroyed. The perforated vinyl or solid adhesive vinyl will cling tightly to your windows without any hassle. We have employees who are experts in installing windows signs and can complete the job within 3 days upon approval of your designs.

There are a lot more that Edmonton Sign Guru can offer your business. Please visit our website if you are interested to get window signs for your business establishment or other advertising materials that you would like to have. We would gladly assist you so contact us now and get a quote.


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July 28, 2015