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Big Comfort

Big Comfort

If you are running a business, you have probably been impacted by the economic downturn and experienced a fall in the level of customers visiting your store or website. You probably know that you can use advertising to attract more customers, but are worried about the cost of that advertising. Luckily, there is a relatively cheap way to advertise your business, and that is to have some banners printed up for you to use in strategic places.

You can use banners in store or directly outside your store. However, a far more clever way of using banners to advertise is to use them in other places. For example, if you are a deli without a licence to sell alcohol you could put up a banner for the wine shop across the road from you, and they could reciprocate by putting up a banner for your deli in their shop.

The Advantages of Using Banners for Advertising

Banners have many advantages over other forms of advertising the first of which is that they are a lot cheaper than having a set of posters printed or putting adverts in local newspapers.

With banners you are in total control, you decide exactly what goes on the banner and how big it is. You can design and run your own advertising campaign you can get the banners printed up in a single batch or one by one. If you do the latter, you can work out how the advertising campaign is playing out and decide whether to continue with that campaign and get the rest of the banners you have designed printed up.

Buying Good Quality Advertising Banners

If you are going to run an advertising campaign, you need to make sure that it is of as high a quality as possible. A blurry banner does nothing to help sell your product, nor does a banner that fades after only a few days out in the sun or runs in the rain, so buying good quality banners is vital. Only use established banner printers and those that offer good customer support.

If you need good quality banners, it is rather vital that you simply hire a designing and production firm that provides you excellent services. Opt for such a company that has already given its shoppers great companies, which have helped them achieve their marketing goal. So, before you enroll with a company, be sure you ask for samples to know of the quality of labor it has executed in the past. You also need to think about the price of your banners. The worth you’ll be quoted will depend on varied elements like the thickness of the vinyl used, colours, design expense if any and general workmanship of the banner will get printed.

Customized banners make it potential for you to promote your small business in the simplest method, while not having to spend much. Just just be sure you choose the most effective designing firm, have a singular banner made, and your message is certain to attract the attention of your target audience.

For Lease

For Lease

Lease banners are a necessity especially when you have a new building or when your previous lessees are ending the contract. They are less expensive and effective way of advertising and a convenient medium to get the word out to people. The possible prospects whether they are walking or driving by the area will easily see a clean advertising banner if it is positioned in a strategic place. Lease banners should also be straight to the point, and without too much detail to effectively get the attention of the people reading it.


Edmonton Sign Guru has been supplying lease banners to many buildings and business establishments in Edmonton and across Alberta. The best thing about our high quality banners is that these are made from 13oz vinyl banner. They are guaranteed to be materials of high durability and are also waterproof. Aside from top of the line materials, the banners are power taped on the edges which makes it tough and hard to rip by strong winds. The gold grommets also add up to the durability of the banners as they can strong enough to withstand the outdoors when installed properly.


Lease banners can be installed in fences, houses, buildings, and other easy to spot places. Edmonton Sign Guru has professional employees who are trained to do the layout and even the design for your lease banners. After you have chosen your design and give your final approval, the banners are ready for installation within three days and this includes building based long term installations.


Edmonton Sign Guru can guarantee your money’s worth as the pricing of the banners are based on every square foot and the number of grommets. You can customize the size, length and width of your banner according to which you think is more efficient to your needs. If you want to get a lease banner now, contact Edmonton Sign Guru and we will be happy to assist you.

Big Truck Event

Big Truck Event

The Edmonton Sign Guru can furnish for your company a high quality banners for all types of company events such as upcoming sale, trade shows and temporary or long term promotion such as the Big Truck Event hosted by Edmonton Motors. Our banners are made from top of the line vinyl banners which are also great for fence banners and building based long term installations. The banners are made to last long with its waterproof feature that can withstand rain, heat and the cold during Edmonton winter.

Edmonton Sign Guru Banners can provide your company colorful and vivid designs that will surely capture your target market because our equipment can produce excellent printing results. In addition to that, the perfectly smooth substrate enhances the sharpness of the colors of the graphics and text in the banner, making it more attractive.

To ensure longevity and durability, Edmonton banners are finished with taped edges and gold grommet finishing to prevent it from ripping and to make it more convenient to install either in fences, walls, buildings and other edifice. Also, our staffs and experts, you can be assured that your banners will be set up within three days upon design approval. The Edmonton Sign Guru staffs are well trained professionals that can also help with installations and banner set up anywhere in Edmonton and across Alberta.

Our quality banners are made from the highest quality materials and at the same time very affordable. It can easily fit in your budget as the prices are based on the banners’ square footage and number of grommets used. Our customers can customize the banners according to their budget and needs.


The Edmonton Sign Guru is your company’s one stop shop for all your advertising needs such as banners, business and portable signage, sandwich boards, wall graphics, window signs. Contact us now for a quote.