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Just Linen

Whether you are just starting your business or want to give your existing one a fresh look, business signs will always be useful. This advertising tool has been proven effective in sending information about products and services to the intended audience. Indeed, business stationary can help improved the customer’s awareness of your business. But before you invest in this marketing option, there are a few things to remember.

Business signs should be placed or distributed in an ideal location. This is vital in order to reach as much people as possible. Both pedestrians and those on vehicles should be able to see the signs.

The materials used for business card printing should also be considered. The ones to use should be appropriate according to the situation wherein the signs would be used. Durability is important no matter where the business signs would be. If used outdoors, the signage should be able to withstand elements like rain, snow or sunlight. Proper installation should also be observed; they should be secured in place and following correct guidelines. You don’t want your signage to be easily blown by the wind.

Business stationary should catch the attention of people and this can be done through unique and thought-provoking design. It is here where graphic artists become so important. These people are hired by business card printing owners to create the best designs, which in turn capture the eyes of potential customers. If you believe you don’t have the artistic eye, you can have the artists decide the design for you. But remember that they would not finalize a design until the client gives a signal. In these cases, it is better to have multiple people vote which design to use. There are a lot of fonts, colors, templates and themes to choose from. For the words, you can go for block lettering or cursive scripts. You might also consider using funny phrases or sentences. Messages that make an emotional connection to the customer are more easily remembered.

Business signs will build your brand so it is important that the message you want to send will be received as they are meant to be received. The business stationary can include the products or services that you offer besides the name, location and contact information of your business. Adding the company logo would also help or any other image that will help in identifying the business.

There are different restrictions on business signage depending on the location. You should consider such restrictions especially if you are considering large signage. Included in the rules are the limits on the size, height or shape of the signs. The materials used might also be limited as well as the energy consumed, if there is, by the sign. Be certain on both local and state laws before making a decision on the sign to be used.

Proper installation, distribution and aesthetics are the topmost things to consider when it comes to business signage. The results of implementing signs can be maximized by following these things.

Triumph Construction & Management

Triumph Construction & Management

Business sign - Triumph

Business Signs are one of the most popular products that Edmonton Sign Guru has provided its customers.  Our company provides all kinds of business signs for all types of business in Edmonton and across Alberta for 15 years. We make both indoor and outdoor business signs with high quality images that can increase the visibility of your business and at the same time add style and advantageous features.


The business signs can be enclosed with either brand new or refurbished Plexiglas. The high quality images of our business signs can be highlighted to a great extent if added with backlights vinyl and additional lightings which our personnel can install. We can assure you that the Edmonton Sign Guru employees are highly trained and qualified professional to install and set up business signs for various businesses in Edmonton.

Our business signs, such as the one feature in this page, are perfect for storefront designs. The quality is highly distinctive that your Company name is visible even when clients are yards away. Our company offers services such as designing new and original store design and also replace and refurbish the ones currently you have. After approval of the designs, your business signs are ready to be installed in three days or less. In addition to the business sign services we provide, we also extend to you back truck services which will help you get your business sign to your store all around in Edmonton and around the region of Alberta.


The Edmonton Sign Guru can extend to you all types of business signs and other services to better advertise your company. With excellent image layout and designs artists, high quality materials and other extra services, our company will surely be your business ads one stop shop, not only in Edmonton but also within Alberta region.

Richards on 50th

Richards on 50th

Business sign - Richards Donair

When you have a business, it is imperative that it stands out amongst other establishments and Edmonton Sign Guru can definitely give that to our client. Our business signs have been catering to a wide range of business in Edmonton and all over in the Alberta region. We provide top quality store front designs and signage that will make your business recognizable and easy to find.


The Edmonton business signs are encased durable and high quality Plexiglas.The company does not only provide printing of new business signs but also they can extend services such as new graphic designs or renew the old worn business signs you currently have. The Edmonton Sign Guru can create top of the line business signage with vinyl backlights and awesome lighting to highlight the store name within the community. Also, our customers are guaranteed with professional installers and graphic designers in creating the business sign.


Our business signs, for example, the one in this page, are ideal for storefront signs. The quality is exceptionally clear as these are printed in perfectly smooth substrate. Cars from yards away can easily recognize the company sign which will help you generate more possible clients. The Edmonton Sign Guru has been in the operating for 15 years and many businesses in Edmonton had already experience the advantages of getting their business signs with us.  The great thing about our service is that we can prepare your business signs within three days after endorsement and approval of the designs. Aside from business signs provider, we likewise have a bucket truck service that could assist our clients in transport and business sign set up in Edmonton and across Alberta region.


To ensure that your company gets high quality storefront business design, contact Edmonton Sign Guru now and ask for a quote.



Alma Business Signs


In Edmonton, Alma Beauty Salon and Spa is known to be one of the best places that offers spa services such as manicure and pedicure and is very popular in hair styling like haircuts, weaves, extensions and beaded weave fusion. It has already built up a number of loyal customers and is also extensively attracting new ones.

Most of Alma Salon’s clients visit the place because of other people’s recommendations and through word of mouth. For that reason, sometimes it becomes an obstacle in finding where the location is. However, this obstacle is easily addressed when they decided to put up a visible and distinct business sign. Edmonton Sign Guru is privileged enough to be able to supply for Alma Beauty Salon and Spa’s Business sign for their storefront.

Edmonton Sign Guru has been in the business in supplying business signs for storefronts signs and both indoor and outdoor signs. The signs can be made with brand new or refurbished Plexiglas.  With high quality images and dramatic colors, your business will definitely stand out even when your business is surrounded with other stores.  Sign Guru can also can install lighting and backlight vinyl for a more striking effect. They have well trained employees who can efficiently install business signs in your stores and professional designers who can create designs and layout for your business.

Our company has been catering business signs all over Edmonton and across the region of Alberta. It can guarantee to provide the best service and the highest quality business signs for your store.  You can surely improve the success of your company when you get your high quality and long lasting business signs from our company, just like Alma Beauty Salon and Spa. Check out our website and contact us now to ask for a quote.