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Edmonton Police Service

Edmonton Police Service Portable Sign

Edmonton Police Service is one of the core institutions in the Edmonton and many citizens benefiting not only from their services but also for their presence. For decades, they have given the city of Edmonton peace and order which is known to be one of the most important aspects when choosing a place to live in. The city is divided into divisions for so that patrolling will be easier and response is faster. The Edmonton Police Service is also divided into three Bureaus, the Community Policing Bureau, Specialized Community Support Bureau and the Corporate Services Bureau who are assigned to specific tasks according to their area of expertise.


The Edmonton Police go beyond just service but they also remind people living in the city to follow rules and act in accordance with the law. In line of this, the Edmonton Sign Guru is proud to have helped them implement their safety reminders all over the city by providing them high quality portable signs. The portable signs are placed on areas wherein a lot of Edmonton residents can see, constantly reminding them to follow rules and to obey the law. Even though the portable signs are placed on areas where it is exposed to heat and strong winds, it stands still. The metal frame that holds the portable sign are designed to attached firmly on the ground which makes it hard to knock down. The sign also say vivid and clear because the substrate used for the signs are high quality and does not rip easily. The portable signs are very helpful as it can be seen by a lot of vehicles passing by, making sure the message is sent to them.


Edmonton Sign Guru has been providing portable signs to the police service for many years and because our inserts are made from high quality material, updating or changing the signs is easy. By providing our customers excellent advertising materials, we have created a great deal of fulfillment in the city of Edmonton. Take advantage of our services and be one of our happy and successful customers, call Edmonton Sign Guru now or visit us on our website for more information.


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July 28, 2015