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Raymonds portable sign

There are a lot of good businesses around Edmonton and Raymond’s Men’s Wear and Custom Tailor is one of those companies that are thriving in the city. They supply quality customized and tailored clothing for men such as suits and formal men’s wear.  Not only that, they provide high fashion clothing and style for men of all ages.

However, in the clothing business, competition is tough and you need something to get prospective clients to take notice of your business. This is where Edmonton Sign Guru comes in to help. By we provide portable signs for all types of business in order to help them in their marketing and advertising campaigns. Portable signs are very effective in advertising temporary promotions like sales or special offers. Raymond’s Men’s wear has been employing our services when they need portable signs for marketing their clothes.

Portable signs by Edmonton Sign Guru are guaranteed to be made from high quality materials. The perfectly smooth substrate creates a fine high definition image that will definitely make your advertising posters apparently visible to many people passing through the display. Our company staffs are highly trained professionals who can layout and design high definition Ads for your campaign. Aside from that, the steel frames are designed to clinch tightly on the ground to withstand high winds and bad weather. The materials are installed efficiently to ensure wrinkle free portable signs.

There are a lot of advantages when you advertise using portable business signs and Raymond’s Men’s Wear and Custom Tailor Company has trusted Edmonton Sign Guru for many years in supplying the same for them. Now, we want to share with you the perks of getting your portable sign to boost your company’s success. We supply all around Edmonton and across Alberta, Canada. Do not let this opportunity pass and contact by Edmonton Sign Guru now for more details on how you can get your portable sign.

Palace Nails & Salon

Palace Nails & Salon

edmonton portable sign - palace nails and spa

Palace Nails & Salon Edmonton Portable Sign

If you’re looking for the best place to pamper yourself and you want to make sure that its worth all the dollars spent, Palace Nails and Salon is the best place to be. They provide the best salon services and are well known for unique nail art experience for both manicure and pedicure. In addition to great services they offer, the salon differs from other by far compared to others because of their professional and friendly staff that will give you an unforgettable experience.

For years, Palace Nails and Salon has been successful in their business because of the excellent customer service they provide and that’s they get a lot of recommendations. In advancing their thriving business, Edmonton Sign Guru has played a big role in getting their sales up. The salon has been one of our most frequent clients when it comes to portable signs. Portable signs are very efficient advertising tools that are guaranteed to work even when you are inside the comfort of your workplace.

Edmonton Sign Guru portable signs are made from top of the line materials that are not only durable but also displays quality advertising designs. The substrates used are impeccably smooth which produces high quality images that will attract a large number of vehicles and passerby in the area. The portable sign is also attached to a well-structured metal frame that will hold your sign even when exposed to strong wind and extreme weather conditions.

Edmonton Sign Guru portable signs are designed to be flexible and can be serve various purposes such as mini billboards or simple street signs for customers to see. Our layout artist and designers are professionally trained to give make your desired designs or execute what you already have in mind. The portable signs are equipped with high quality inserts for your convenience.

Our clients such as Palace Nails and Salon have been using portable signs for a long time when they want to advertise new services or discounts and promotions. We don’t want you to miss out this great way to expand your market reach that is why we encourage you to get a quote and contact us for more information how your business can have a portable sign designed by Sign Guru.

Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoppers Drug Mart Portable Signs


Shoppers Drug Mart is the Canada’s leader in retail drug store marketplace. It has various establishments around Edmonton and across the Canada. It is known for as a major provider of a wide array of pharmaceutical, health and beauty products and other services. Aside from being a drug store, it provides services such as post office, photo services and even has a grocery store in most of their locations.


Shoppers Drug Mart does not only cater to day to day customers, they also sponsor great events such as Beauty Gala. Many companies engaged in supplying beauty products and services are invited for an affair wherein customers are can enjoy a day filled makeovers, big discounts and free consultations. In line with this event, Edmonton Sign Guru has helped in making this affair possible by supplying their portable signs. The portable signs we made for them have gathered a lot of attendants in this grand affair.


Edmonton Sign Guru has been in the business for 15 years and every year, Shoppers Drug Mart is one of our most loyal customers. With us, portable signs are guaranteed to be made from high quality and durable materials. The steel frames are designed easily pegged on the ground to withstand strong winds and tough weather conditions. The substrates are smooth and wrinkle free which results to excellent imaging.


Edmonton Sign Guru hires only the best staff, including layout and graphic artists. You can rely on them on advertising designs and installations anywhere in Edmonton. We can make original designs for you or personally have our staffs refurbished the old ones you have. The portable signs are also equipped with high quality inserts for easy use and reuse.
You can have your events and promotions advertised through portable signs too. Edmonton Sign Guru can definitely give you a great price so check out our website and request for a quote now!

Rona – Garage Event

Rona – Garage Event


In Canada, Rona Home and Garden is one of the most popular home improvement and hardware shop and has been everything you need to find. They offer great deals from hardware, tools, building materials, home décor, lighting, plumbing, paint, automotive and a lot more. They sell a wide array of hardware needs from popular brands to generic ones with prices just right for their customers.


Rona Home and Garden has always been Canada’s one stop shop for home improvements and hardware needs. A couple of times a year, they offer big garage sales that people look forward to because of great deals and huge discounts on many items. They offer discounts ranging from 10% to 25% off their garage and garage accessories. A lot of people always anticipate these kinds of promotions because they are able to get really good price off these great deals. In the same way, Rona Home and Garden has been one of Sign Guru’s biggest customers when it comes to portable signs in Edmonton and across Alberta. We supply high quality portable signs which they can advertise their promo and events.


Made from high quality substrate, Edmonton Sign Guru has produced excellent portable signs for many of our clients’. With us, you are assured to have durable stands and high resolution advertising images that cars or passerby would definitely see even if they are meters away. The portable signs are flexible and are made to withstand strong outdoor winds. Edmonton Sign Guru has been in business for many years and our staffs are well trained professionals who can assist you with layout and graphic designs and even installations.


Edmonton Sign Guru offers all types of advertising needs and portable signs are only one of the most well sought out by many clients. You can have your events, promotions and sale advertised with Edmonton Sign Guru, contact us now through our website and we will be happy to assist you.