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Raymonds portable sign

There are a lot of good businesses around Edmonton and Raymond’s Men’s Wear and Custom Tailor is one of those companies that are thriving in the city. They supply quality customized and tailored clothing for men such as suits and formal men’s wear.  Not only that, they provide high fashion clothing and style for men of all ages.

However, in the clothing business, competition is tough and you need something to get prospective clients to take notice of your business. This is where Edmonton Sign Guru comes in to help. By we provide portable signs for all types of business in order to help them in their marketing and advertising campaigns. Portable signs are very effective in advertising temporary promotions like sales or special offers. Raymond’s Men’s wear has been employing our services when they need portable signs for marketing their clothes.

Portable signs by Edmonton Sign Guru are guaranteed to be made from high quality materials. The perfectly smooth substrate creates a fine high definition image that will definitely make your advertising posters apparently visible to many people passing through the display. Our company staffs are highly trained professionals who can layout and design high definition Ads for your campaign. Aside from that, the steel frames are designed to clinch tightly on the ground to withstand high winds and bad weather. The materials are installed efficiently to ensure wrinkle free portable signs.

There are a lot of advantages when you advertise using portable business signs and Raymond’s Men’s Wear and Custom Tailor Company has trusted Edmonton Sign Guru for many years in supplying the same for them. Now, we want to share with you the perks of getting your portable sign to boost your company’s success. We supply all around Edmonton and across Alberta, Canada. Do not let this opportunity pass and contact by Edmonton Sign Guru now for more details on how you can get your portable sign.


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October 19, 2015