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Shepherd’s Care Foundation Portable Signs

Shepherd’s Care Foundation served as a home for many people in Edmonton and there are so many reasons why people choose this lovely place for senior citizens. It does not only provide a 24 hour healthcare service but most importantly, it gives their needs in physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects in live. There is nothing more than any resident would not want to stay and live in this homey facility.


Shepherd’s Care has 115 units in its multi-level building with facilities in place to make sure residents can enjoy the rest of their lives. With over 45 years of experience of senior and healthcare services, they are recognized leader in the industry. Marketing and advertising has helped their business through the years and until today, it never fails to bring in many happy residents in Edmonton. This is where Edmonton Sign Guru helped them reached their success.


Edmonton Sign Guru provides all the portable signs that Shepherd’s care uses to advertise their business. Whether it would be about room availability, new facilities or promo rates for newcomers, it’s really a great privilege that we can be a part of their growth. With the portable signs we provide, they gain more and more residents and even expanded their building to accommodate more.


Edmonton Sign Guru supplies high quality portable signs with clear graphics printed on smooth substrate to emphasize clarity. The portable sign frames are made of durable metal that can endure strong winds and bad weather. Our employees are professionals who are well trained in lay-outing graphic designs.


If you want to expand your business, we can extend to you our various print ad services, such as portable signs. All you have to do is checkout Edmonton Sign Guru Website and we will be happy to assist you right away.


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July 28, 2015